Lane Hill Holdings Pte. Ltd. is a private investment firm that specializes in providing liquidity against publicly traded equities, fixed income and private equity across multiple markets, exchanges, sectors and industries. The firms experienced management team is supported and governed by a veteran executive board allowing Lane Hill to position itself as a diverse and nimble global capital provider.

Our dedicated investment committee focuses on providing capital to the public and private markets in a tailored structure that meets shareholders requirements and objectives. Combining public and private investments enhances the ability to leverage the debt and equity markets and manage asset risk present in today’s volatile marketplace. A unique and diverse approach to liquidity provision in the capital markets allows Lane Hill to offer liquidity solutions that fill a growing void created by many of the well-known financial institutions moving away from share finance services.

Lane Hill was established by a diverse group of finance professionals who have combined their respective global networks curated over their respective careers. Lane Hills experienced management team is governed by a veteran executive board with over 60 years of experience and participation in the share financing and project financing sectors. Drawing on extensive experience and knowledge from institutional and private equity positions, Lane Hill’s team are able to structure unique products that suit their Clients requirements coupled with competitive terms and conditions.

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